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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  September 3, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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coast. labor day weekend is a washout-- as tropical storm lee stalls off louisiana. preventing disaster in southern california. firefighters begin to get a handle on a wildfire that threatened more than a thousand homes. and a first of its kind, street fair-- right here in the bay area. the colorful characters raising a few eyebrows -- with a serious message. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo.
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wind and rain, boat slams against pier. 60-mile an hour winds from tropical storm, lee slams a boat against a pier in mississippi. there is flooding all along the gulf coast as the storm stalls just off shore. evacuations are underway -- and tens of thousands of people are without power. late this afternoon, a tropical storm warning was extended part of the fl late this afternoon, a tropical storm warning was extended to include part of the florida panhandle. and with that comes the warning of flash floods. drew levinson reports on this super soaker of a storm. >> reporter: tropical storm lee is flooding parts of the gulf coast. forecasters predict it could dump up to 20 inches of rain. in new orleans, which sits below sea level, some streets are under water. but the city pumps are working. pushing the water into lake pontchartrain. for some, that is the problem. >> that is lake pontchartrain right there. the same level as my boathouse.
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>> reporter: this man wielding a toilet plunger spoke to the local cbs affiliate. >> besides taking matters in your own hands, what else are you doing? >> raising things from my boathouse boathouse and trying to save it. >> reporter: six years ago, katrina's fury ripped apart some of the levees here, flooding 80% of the city. they've been rebuilt. and appear to be holding. lee is wreaking havoc in the tiny town of jean lefitte louisiana, with a mandatory evacuation. emergency rescue crews are urging people to stay inside. off the roads. and out of the water. >> we're from utah. we don't know any better. and we don't know what could happen. >> reporter: the storm is expected to continue causing problems along the gulf coast, through the weekend. drew levinson, cbs news. the widow of a scientist killed at an explosion at menlo
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park tech research company says that he was concerned about unsafe working conditions. mixing helium and night gen for an experiment when the tank blew up and firefighters performed cpr but unable to perform him. a female colleague in the lab was blown into a corridor by the blast. she is hospitalized with a ruptured eardrums. the building where the explosion occurred has been red tagged. several new security measures are going into place today at candlestick park to make sure that football fans are safe. it comes in the wake of the violence that played the 49ers raiders game two weeks ago. today, cal is playing fresno state at candlestick. among the safety measures, security suites. the additional staff is stationed inside the stadium and in the parking lot. you know norm -- uniformed and plain clothes police will patrol the restaurants. during the battle of the bay on
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august 20, two people were shot in the parking lot and a plan was severely beaten inside a -- a man was severely beaten inside a rest room. if you're in the east bay this weekend don't be surprised if you smell spot in the fair. the first ever marijuana street fair and some are lighting up legally but anne makovec explains there are some restrictions to the party. >> reporter: the first place of the medical cannabis movement and it makes sense to have it here. >> it is billed as the nation's first cannabis street fair in the heart of oakland. >> like-minded people coming to give information. and to provide structure and information. >> it is also a novel place to legally light up. right next to city hall. >> why else would you come here? for all of the bud. >> the city of oakland seems to be somewhat aware that the festival is raising eyebrows. in fact the organizers tell us we were strictly forbidden from taking any pictures of people smoking pot with the background of city hall. >> we want to respect people's
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right to use their constitutionally afforded right to medicate with medical cannabis but we want to do so in a time, place, manner, restriction that allows them to go off to an area. >> reporter: in the blocked off streets surrounding city hall, colorful characters and products. >> this is black magic bag for your delicate contents. >> reporter: the only thing not allowed for sale is pot itself. >> absolutely. there are a lot of other products that we're allowed to sell and the only thing i can't sell are the seed and the seed we are taking orders for and fill the orders later. >> reporter: the only people allowed to smoke in the designated area is bona fide are doctor's prescriptions. >> what is your prescription? >> anxiety. >> it does help for a test or something. >> doesn't pot make you paranoid? >> not at all. it fixes every problem for me. >> it allows my muscles to relax and allow me to have wellness
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and a fulfilled life. >> the fair runs through sunday. tickets are $20 at the gate. in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. libyan leader muomar ghadafi still on the run. but rebels seem to think that they know where he is. the strong push as they make their way to ghadafi's last-known strong hold. the c.i.a. and muomar ghadafi working together? what some documents just uncovered revealed. our summer weather pattern to continue here through the long holiday weekend, as we see the low clouds and fog ever present and a cooling trend on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man who disappeared while hiking in yosemite national park. search crews are still looking for a man who disappeared while hiking yosemite national park. 69-year-old gene hall was last seen tuesday at the high sierra camp, reported missing thursday, when he did not return to his car. searchers are looking for him from the ground and by helicopter. yosemite officials believe hall may have climbed vogelsung peak during his hike. that's a popular but challenging trail. libyan rebel forces are stepping up their hunt for muomar ghadafi. the rebels are closing in on one of ghadafi's last strong holds,
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the town of bonnie waleed in northwest libba. they are not encounters any resistance but they're trying to persuade tribal elders loyal to ghadafi to give up without a fight. there is some speculation the deposed dictator may be in hiding in the area. no matter what happens with ghadafi, libyans are already celebrating the end of his dictatorship and the beginning of the post-ghadafi era. barry peterson reports from tripoli. >> reporter: by the thousands last night, they came to tripoli, central square. celebrating the end of ghadafi's tyranny never seems to get old. and libyans can now play on the fancy beaches, once reserved for ghadafi's elite. the filth that was ghadafi he says has been washed away. but a fight looms as rebels surround cities still loyal to ghadafi. the rebels are trying to talk their way in. offering reassurances if the cities will surrender. >> don't you worry.
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just give up your guns. and you are safe. not just come and attack them and kill them. this is the ghadafi way of doing things. >> reporter: high on the rebel's agenda, getting libyan's oil industry working again. getting tankers loaded and out to sea. and that will get money back into the economy. libya has the ninth largest oil reserves in the world. now, ghadafi is threatening to sabotage the wells, to deny the rebels any oil revenue. you will not be able to pump oil, he said, in an audio recording, played by arab satellite tv channels. and he called on people to fight the rebels. most people have no intention of obeying ghadafi. they have had four decades of that. now, they favor the face of freedom. they've waited for it a long time. barry peterson, cbs news, tripoli, libya. documents found in the office of ghadafi's former intelligence chief show that
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u.s. and british spy agencies helped the deposed dictator persecute libyan dissidents. the documents were discovered in the abandoned office by a human rights organization. the group says it found hundreds of letters between former libyan foreign minister museph kusaf and members of the c.i.a. and britain's mi-6. neither agency would comment on the findings. new restrictions could be put in place for california's tanning beds. and a danger still lurks off california beaches this weekend. what you need to do to stay safe. in our little warming trend, coming to an end, as cooler weather heads our way for the beginning of the week. we will take a look at the details, pretty foggy, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gaining the upper hand on a wildfire in the san bernardino nation firefighters are in southern california getting an upper hand on the wildfire in the san bernardino national forest, it broke out yesterday in hesperia at the cajon pass. >> reporter: evacuations were lifted late this afg afghanistan. -- afternoon. >> i was really relieved to get home. >> reporter: richard and julie peltierre were forced to evacuate yesterday when the hill fire came dangerously close to their home. >> it was over the next ridge. i could see the flames from the house. i have never seen so many fire crews in one spot every. they were everywhere. >> reporter: the fire started friday afternoon in the cajon pass and quickly jumped interstate 15 and it did not take long for the flames to burn through the chaparral and burn homes, two homes damaged, two
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homes destroyed. at this ranch, several animals were trapped in their pens. today, animal control officers spent hours at the ranch and said more than 60 animals died but a few survived. >> unfortunately, it is a very tragic scene. the owner had numerous animals. he had sheep and rabbits and i understand some dogs. there was a bull here. the bull is still here. the bull is still alive. there are a number of sheep that are still alive. and unfortunately, he did suffer a great loss of many of his animals. >> reporter: firefighters say hot temperatures and the wind were the biggest challenges today. the fire is now 60% contained. but it only takes seconds for hot spots to flare up. >> people should realize that a lot of the homes that were in the path of the fire, the ones that had good clearance around their homes suffered very little, if no damage at all. well teenagers under the age of 18 could soon be banned by
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law from using a tanning bed. if governor jerry brown signs a bill approved by the senate, california could be the first state to set the age at 18. the bill's sponsor says 30 other states already have some restrictions. right now, teens 15 to 17 can use a tanning bed. but only with their parent's permission. illinois, new york, ohio, and rhode island, are now considering a similar ban. and if you're planning on heading to the beach this labor day weekend, watch out for the danger lurking in the water. dangerous rip currents and officials are warning beach-goers not to turn their back on the ocean. that's because a rogue wave could come crashing out of nowhere and take you out with it. forecasters say these conditions will affect southern-facing beaches including port reyes, national seashore and stinson beach. if you happen to be caught in the funnel, it could pull you out to sea. than has happened before. i don't want to say it is a common phenomenon in california, but it is certainly not a rare phenomenon. >> the area beaches don't have
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lifeguards. that's why park officials say to watch the waves, and keep an eye on how they're breaking. meteorologist jim bernard is joining us now. is there going to be beach weather for the last two days of the holiday weekend? >> not so much. as the air temperature will continue to cool and with the fog, and the water temperature is always cold, to add to the problems with the rip currents and what not. let's take a look at the details of that rip current warning. currently, the surf is up, but the warnings are up as well. due to dangerous rip currents, as you just heard. the possibility of a large shore break, and some sneaker waves will be with us through the weekend. the conditions will be settling down here through the beginning of the week. this will be a short warning period here, as things will calm down, for the remainder of the week. but for everybody else off the beach, it is a labor day forecast, and it looks like sunshine across the interior, and near seasonal norms, that means low 60s at the coast and into the low 90s, upper 80s across the interior and as we take a look outside, we will
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find temperatures that are cool along the shoreline. low clouds and fog back into the bay here this evening. it will be thickening up into the beginning of the week. and likely will linger a little longer through the day than it has of late. we have had a nice little warmup here. but that is gone for now. and the temperatures again are expected to cool here into and through the beginning of the week and here is where we sit right now. with mid to upper 80s. out across the interior. back into the mid to upper 70s. at the bay. and of course at the beach, a little cooler back there. and upper 50s to low 60s. as well as on the peninsula here. this will be pretty close to seasonal norms now. this is where we ought to be this time of the year. no big surprise here. and as we take a look at the rest of the picture here, we see that this pattern will be with us into and through the rest of the week, and could be mixing by the weekend but the low clouds and fog extending inland here today, with the likely consequences, by midday, mostly sunny skies and we will look for it to move back in this evening, going from clear to mostly
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cloudied tonight. overnight lows in the mid to upper 50s pretty much around the bay. through the interior, with tomorrow's cloud cover, giving way to more clear and warm conditions, by tomorrow afternoon. as we clear out once again in our summer-like fashion. no big change as mentioned. stratus quo to continue with the high pressure system weakening and allowing a cooler air mass into the area the beginning of the week. we will look for that to exhaust itself by the end of the week which should show a little bit of a warmup. just a couple of degrees. several fluctuations to continue. keeping low clouds and fog glued to the shoreline with the partial afternoon clearing expected. tomorrow with the slight cooling and the upper 80s to low 90s across the interior, back into the bay, and the upper 70s, as well as the north bay, into the mid to low 80s here, as we take a look at the seven-day forecast here. once again, a gradual cooling, into the beginning of the week here, very near seasonal norms though, this is where we ought to be this time of the year. and as we take a look at the end of the week, subtle fluctuation
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there, and as we see the temperatures bumping back up into the upper 80s to low 90s. there is the mention of some rain possibly sneaking into the air come midweek but it is a long shot. so we won't talk about that. >> we will move along. >> but the season is changing. that's the main thing. >> all right, thank you. kim has 49ers news that has my interest piqued. >> nfl teams have the rosters down to 53 today. which is bad news for a lot of players. and the 49ers are once again in the market for a veteran quarterback. and how much luck would stanford need in their season opener against san jose state? find out next in sports. ,, [ screaming ] [ zapping ]
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there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was.
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this year the spar travel as far to p last year, san jose state opened up the season in tuscaloosa but this year, the spartans did not have to travel as far to play a top 10 team. the david shaw era is officially under way down on the farm. and in the first quarter, stanford up 10-0. and san jose state lines up here, but brandon ruttily fumbles and shane stowe pounces on it to set up the cardinals inside the red zone. on the first play of the second quarter, andrew lutz finds the tight end in the back of the end zone. the junior tight end has been the go to guy. and later in the second, stanford up 20-0. chase thomas comes free. up the middle. and crushes matt falkner. henry anderson scoops up the fumble and makes the case to be
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returned but he gets tripped up and falls inches short of the goal line and the cardinal offense turned the turnover into another touchdown. lutz rolls out and finds heut. two touchdown passing and one rushing, as stanford blows out san jose state 57-3. out at candlestick, cal leads fresno state 19-14 at the half. running back e y the defending national champion auburn in some trouble at home against utah state. two minutes to go, tigers down 38-35. check out number 30, emery blake he handles the inside kick like it is a pass and ticks it down to the 21-yard line. just like they drew it up. less than a minute to go. michael dyer bangs it in for the game-winning touchdown. auburn scores 14 points in the final. and comes back to beat utah state 42-38.
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the raiders secondary struggled in the preseason and apparently lito shepherd and walter mcfaden are not a part of the solution. the team has reportedly released both corner backs. meanwhile, the 49ers have cut quarterback josh mccalen and mccloud bethel-thompson and both played briefly in the final preseason game and the team is expected to look for another veteran quarterback to add to the roster. because right now, it is just alex smith and collin cappernick. the u.s. open now. third round, roger federer taking on miran crilic. >> the far court with a good workout and the match lasted close to three hours but in the end federer was too much for cilic. and he wins in four sets and advances to the fourth round for the 30th straight time at a grand slam. on the women's side, serena williams dominated fourth seed
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victoria azaranka in the first set and hung on for the tie break ner the second set and advanced to the next round. at the deutsche bank open, round two, the drinks are on brett sphetkerr tonight after he aced the par three 16th. it is his first hole in one in a pga event. he also eagled the 18th. and is one shot back after shooting a 64. adam scott had the low round of the day. and an 8 under 63. he sinks the long eagle putt on 18. scott is tied for the lead at 10 under, with bubba watson, and masters winner charles swartzel. bottom of the 5th here. michael tenad hangs one and scott sizemore makes him play with a solo shot to left. 3-0a ' s in the 9th. this one is hit up the middle. it is flipped to cliff pennington who throws to first for the rare 463 nondouble play.
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and brandon mccarthy a shut shout and struck out 10. as they won 3-0. the giants put an end to the nine-game winning streak and five games behind arizona with 24 to play. and carlos beltran had the best night at the plate since joining the giants. he had a homer, drove in three runs, and had his first four-hit game since 2007. but the giants know they need to win the series this weekend to still have a chance to win the west. >> there is not a whole lot of time left. we got to do it now. and with the energy, and the confidence the guys kind of brought tonight, that is a great way to start out the series and this month. so we just got to keep carrying that over and keep having a lot of fun. >> and what a matchup tonight there at at&t park. it is lincecum and ian kennedy and of course kennedy looking to become the nationally linked game winner this year. >> hopefully another run for the giants. >> yes, exactly. >> thank you. we continue to follow the
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fatal explosion in a research lab in menlo park. a widow of the scientist who died, talked to kcbs radio and we will hear from her and what she says about her husband and find out what is next in the search for the cause of the blast. that is tonight at 6:30. that is it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you in a half hour and 10:00 and 11:00, and until then our news updates are on good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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